Family Lawyer

You and your children can benefit from skilled family lawyer Mark L. Scroggins With over 20 years of experience with a variety of complex matters that impact the family unit.

During those decades of successful service to appreciative clients in North Central Texas, our firm has a recognized reputation for positive results and commitment to customer satisfaction.


Divorce Lawyer

If your determination to be happy has triggered the painful decision to divorce your spouse, you need resourceful, responsive legal representation in your corner that removes your misgivings — and guides you to a brighter future.

We are Scroggins Legal — experienced Plano divorce attorneys protecting the family.


Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody is frequently the most emotional aspect of family law. It can also be confusing as well. Child custody is made up of two parts: conservatorship, and possession and access.

Conservatorship deals with the rights and duties of child rearing, such as education or medical decisions for your child, while possession and access is exactly what it sounds like — the time you have with your child.