School shootings: Perspectives on prevention and safety

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In this special episode Mark Scroggins visits with Collin County Judge Cynthia Wheless from the 417th District Court, Lieutenant Mitch Selman and Deputy Jessica Pond from the office of the Collin County Sheriff.

School shootings, prevention & safety

Left to Right: Attorney Mark Scroggins, Lieutenant Mitch Selman, Judge Cynthia Wheless, Deputy Jessica Pond.

School shootings: Perspectives on prevention and safety

  • What creates a school shooter?
    • Children being bullied becoming alienated,
    • Personality disorders, bullying, gas lighting,
    • Use of social media in bullying other kids,
  • Preventing school shootings within the law;
  • Programs in place to address alienated students;
    • School and juvenile programs to help students,
    • Improved relations with law enforcement, SROs,
    • What additional programs may be helpful?
  • Is arming teachers a viable solution to prevent shootings?
    • Different states with different cultures about guns,
    • Authority of Texas independent school districts,
    • The response to arming teachers in Texas ISDs.

Common themes discussed in this panel discussion focused heavily on the responsibility of parents to dig deeper into the lives of their children and to know what they are engaged in on social media. Recognizing challenges of the parents of popular students whose own children may be the bullies was also highlighted as well as the need for parents and students to really understand that law enforcement is there to help them and not to hurt them or their futures.

Striking was the notion that some parents and their children fail to report bullying behavior for fear of damaging their permanent records and chances of getting into good schools and activities. The conversation focused on morals and values in correcting the behavior of good kids who get wrapped up in bullying and gossiping on social media.

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