Do Prenuptial Agreements Expire?

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divorce attorney Collin County TXWhether you have entered into a prenuptial agreement, or you are considering it, you may have questions for a divorce attorney. At Scroggins Legal, our legal team is available to assist in the preparation or review of prenuptial agreements in Collin County TX. Because such agreements can result in substantial and long term repercussions, it’s important to seek legal guidance to protect one’s best interests. Call us for a free consultation with a skilled family law attorney from Scroggins Legal.
What is a prenuptial agreement?
A prenuptial agreement, sometimes referred to as a premarital agreement or a prenup, is a contract between two people before they enter into a marriage or a civil union. To minimize the risk of one of the people contesting the prenuptial agreement in court, it may be best to hire a divorce attorney in Collin County TX to draw up the agreement.
Expiration of a Prenuptial Agreement
There are no laws that automatically determine the expiration date of a prenuptial agreement. If requested, a family law attorney can include a time limit in the prenup. Generally, it is a designated number of years during which the prenuptial will be in effect. This is known as the “sunset clause.” If not included in the language of the agreement, the prenuptial agreement is permanent until or unless it is revoked. It can be revoked with a secondary written agreement that states the prenuptial agreement is no longer in effect.
What is included in a prenuptial agreement?
The answer depends entirely on the wishes of those named in the prenuptial. Your divorce attorney from Scroggins Legal may review your circumstances and concerns when providing guidance as to what you may wish to include in the agreement. There are no laws about what must be included. Some of the most common issues included in a prenup include:
  • The division of assets should the marriage end in separation or divorce.
  • Which spouse will pay for which expenses during the marriage.
  • Who shall take which pets should the marriage end in separation or divorce. (Pets may be legally considered as material assets where you live but can be handled differently than the distribution of other assets, if named as such in the agreement. Talk to your divorce attorney to learn more about this.)
  • The specification of when or if property that was individually owned before the marriage should become marital property.
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Before signing a prenuptial agreement, it may be in your best interest to have it reviewed by your own divorce attorney. At Scroggins Legal we have helped many individuals with prenuptial agreements that they wished to write or enter into with their intended spouse. Our legal team is experienced with creating a legally binding agreement that may protect your interests for your short and long term future. Call us today to arrange a free consultation with a seasoned divorce attorney Collin County TX residents know and trust.