Divorce Lawyers Collin County TX

Divorce Lawyers Collin County TXDivorce Lawyers Collin County TX

The emotionally and mentally trying process of divorce is challenging to navigate alone. If you are considering divorce or separation from your spouse, hiring divorce lawyers is key in seeking the least combative outcome possible.

We know you want what’s best for your family. For the legal support that will help you determine what that might be, get in touch with the divorce lawyers in Collin County TX at Scroggins Legal. We can help you work through the conflicts and questions so you can spare yourself the time, money, and heartache that can result from handling your own divorce.

Divorce: Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing you have the support of divorce lawyer Collin County TX families seek for guidance and expertise can put your mind at ease, and free you up to ask questions about this unknown territory. Here are answers to some of the most common divorce-related questions:

How do I file for divorce?
Though the details of every divorce will differ depending on the couple’s unique circumstances, there are a few constants that you can expect. To begin with, though it’s possible to proceed with a divorce without the agreement of both spouses, it’s common that couples will file a document called a stipulation to confirm that you agree to end your marriage.

This documentation should indicate that your marriage is “insupportable,” or not able to continue. You and your attorney will subsequently file a Petition for Divorce to start the process.

Does every divorce end up in court?
Not every divorce ends up going to court in Collin County TX — although unresolvable conflicts between spouses can lead to this being inevitable. That said, experienced divorce lawyers can help couples resolve their differences outside of court. If you and your spouse can agree on issues of property and debt, child custody, and child support, there will be no need to finalize your divorce in court. A hearing, however, can be scheduled if any part of these issues must be decided by the court.

When should I hire an attorney?
Some people are determined to represent themselves in their divorce cases, but it’s generally wise to hire legal representation. There are some specific circumstances under which it’s not only a smart, but also crucial. For example, if abuse is a problem, divorce lawyers will be able to arrange any necessary protection.

Hiring an attorney may also be in your best interest if your spouse is not being honest, is behaving vindictively, or simply if he or she has an attorney of his or her own. Overall, to protect your rights and interests, having a lawyer support you is typically better than not having one.

Do I need to do anything before filing for divorce?
Filing for divorce is one of the biggest decisions you can make and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Divorce can change your life in many ways, so you must be certain that it is something you absolutely want to do. If you serve your spouse with divorce papers, it can be difficult to take it back. Here are just a few things you may want to do before filing for divorce:

  • Prepare Financial Documents: One of the first things you should do before filing for divorce is gather all of your financial documents, like bank statements, car notes, and mortgages. Your divorce lawyer will need to review all of these documents before you file divorce papers. Some spouses don’t take it well when served with divorce papers and can make it very difficult for their partners to get ahold of important documents.
  • Talk to Divorce Lawyers: Working with a skilled divorce lawyer can make the divorce process go a lot smoother. Not all lawyers are created equal, so it is wise to look for a lawyer who has handled family law matters before. The lawyer you hire should understand your goals and offer you solutions that you feel comfortable with. During your consultation, don’t hesitate to ask questions about their skills and experience, such as where they went to law school, how many divorce cases they handle each year, and how often they go to trial.
  • Determine Where You Want to Live: It is important to determine where you want to live during and after the divorce. Do you want to stay in the same home and have your spouse move out? Do you want to move into another place? Understand that where you choose to live may impact your chances of getting the family home after the divorce. For instance, if you decide to move into your friend’s house before the divorce is finalized, the judge might not award you the family home. If you are not sure what to do about your living situation, you should talk to your attorney.
  • Figure Out Your Custody Goals: If you have children, you should sit down with your spouse and try to come up with a custody agreement. Consider each of your work schedules and your children’s schedules before coming to a decision. For example, if your spouse works very long hours during the week, it might make sense to take your kids on the weekdays and give them to your spouse on the weekends.

Getting divorced is not easy, but you can simplify things by being properly prepared. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your divorce, do not hesitate to talk to your divorce lawyer.

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