Child Support Lawyer in Plano TX

Child Support Lawyer in Plano TXYou may be wondering: How to find the top child support lawyer Plano, TX? If you are having difficulties with your child support related matters, you may want to contact a child support lawyer to help you during this critical time. To find a top child support who can handle your case with ease, the process may take some time and can be frustrating. Our child support lawyers have years of experience and have helped many clients over the years obtain fair child support payments. If you are not receiving payments, or if they are too low, and you are wondering: how to find the top child support lawyer in Plano, TX? then we may be able to help you. An attorney from our firm can help address the wrongs of your child support situation. Our legal firm can make every effort to reduce your stress and increase your financial stability for the benefit of your child.

You Have Rights

If you are not receiving sufficient payments to properly support your child, you can trust a Plano top child support lawyer to fight for your rights. During this difficult time, know that you may have options. One may be to go to court to enforce a child support order. One of our child support attorneys can guide you through the legal process and court appearances. Responsible and caring parents may be able to answer the question: How to find the top child support lawyer in Plano, TX? after speaking to one of our attorneys.

With help from an attorney, the child support legal process may be able to help you recover back child support payments, and future payments from your child’s other parent in the following ways:

  • Garnish wages: If the other parent does not pay you child support, the court can choose to garnish a portion of his or her paycheck. A  Plano child support lawyer can help you with this process. The garnishment law allows you to garnish up to 50 percent of the other parent’s income.
  • Freeze bank accounts: The court can freeze the bank account of the other parent in order to collect child support.
  • Withhold tax refunds: Our child support lawyers can authorize the court to withhold the other parent’s federal tax refunds so that the payments go toward child support.
  • Revoke driver’s license: The court can revoke the other parent’s driver’s license so that if he/she cannot legally drive, he/she may be motivated to make child support payments.
  • Seize property: If the other parent owns property, the court can seize ownership of the property, sell it, and give those funds to you for child support.
You may not know the answers regarding how to find the top child support lawyer in Plano, TX? To get the information you need, contact a child support lawyer. Our attorneys have successfully handled even the most complex of child support cases. If you want to know how to find the top child support lawyer in Plano, TX?, it may be in your best interest to contact Scroggins Legal at 464-626-5220 to schedule your consultation today.