How Can a DUI Affect a Divorce

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Divorce Attorney If you are going through a divorce, you are probably filled with stress and worry. The last thing you would need is something taking up more of your energy, time, or emotions. That is exactly what would happen […]

Drug Testing in Child Custody Cases in Texas

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Drug Testing in Child Custody Suits: Protecting the Best Interests of the Child Drug and alcohol use and abuse can significantly impair the ability to be a good parent. Drug testing in child custody cases is increasingly common. Several U.S. […]

Maintaining Your Lifestyle After Divorce

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New Divorce Clients Frequently Ask About How They Can Maintain Their Lifestyle After Divorce In high-net-worth divorces spouses may be concerned about their ability to maintain their lifestyle after the divorce. While there is no absolute right to have everything […]

Complications with Community Property

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Different States and Marital Property Laws: Complications with Community Property The distinction between community property and separate property is easy to determine when both parties have always been in Texas, but when one acquired property in another state, there can […]

Can I get alimony after a common law marriage?

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Perhaps the most glaring difference between a common law marriage and a marriage is that the former is not registered as a religious or civil marriage. However, many states recognize a common law marriage the same as they recognize a […]

Back-to-School and Divorce

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Kids Going Back-to-School and Divorce, When You Get One Shot at Raising Your Children The stakes are high when you are raising children to be well-educated and successful and this back-to-school and divorce podcast focuses on these challenges. The requirements […]

Co-parents Choosing a New School

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Considerations and Options for Co-parents Choosing a New School. As children go back to school this fall, some are starting middle school and others will be in high school. Changing schools and groups of friends can be stressful for children […]

Enforcing Property Division in Texas

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Enforcing Property Division in Texas When so much work goes into negotiating, litigating and settling property division issues, enforcing property division in Texas may be necessary if your former spouse violates what is ordered in your divorce decree. Property division […]

Is it Possible to End a Divorce on Good Terms?

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Divorce is often a cumbersome process. If your marriage has ended on bad terms, it can make an already difficult time even more challenging. Holding grudges, and refusing to negotiate with your ex may prolong your divorce. There are a […]

Divorce strategy and high stakes litigation

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Divorce strategy and high stakes litigation Every client who hires Scroggins Legal is unique. We are known for being effective and getting results. Knowing when to be aggressive and how to leverage your position is vital. High stakes divorce cases […]